Luton Community Breaks Fast Together

Posted on: 25 July 2014

On the 24th July 2014 on a warm evening, the Muslim community gathered at St Georges Sq and broke fast with the rest of Luton. The event was organised by the Islamic Society of Britain and Inspire FM Luton as part of their #JustGive campaign who have been promoting the importance of giving through the distribution of 5000 date gift packs. This formed part of a wider national Big Iftar initiative which aimed to promote neighbourliness and strengthening of community relations through sharing of the iftar (sunset meal) during the month of fasting (Ramadhan).


The event was attended by people of different faiths and ethnicities as well as local leaders including Councillor Mohammed Farooq and Peter Adams from St Mary's Church in Luton. Peter gave an inspiring speech on the importance of looking after our neighbours, the work carried out by the faith communities to support the local food bank and the recent story of two Muslim men who rescued Reverend Mike Jones who had been pinned under a car. Faraz Mir from the Islamic Society of Britain also gave a speech on the importance of giving in charity, reinforcing the message of community, generosity and giving.


As part of its community cohesion program the organisers and attendees felt the event was well received with many enjoying the activities taking place. In addition to the food brought to be shared with the community it also provided a platform for the residents of Luton from all faith backgrounds to meet and share. Pictures of the event below - if you attended the event and have pictures please, share them with us! Share on Facebook, on our page and let us know how you think the event went!