JustGive this Ramadhan!

Posted on: 29 June 2014

Throughout the month of Ramadhan Inspire FM will be focusing on #JustGive and encouraging the Luton community to get involved in various acts of giving. Inspire FM has initiated the campaign by packing and giving out 5000 date gift packs to the community in Luton to promote the positive message of giving in the blessed month of Ramadhan.


During the month, Inspire FM be airing a special #JustGive broadcast to promote the different messages of giving.

Week 1:

Just Give a Thought

Week 2:

Just Give a hand

Week 3:

Just Give Up

Week 4:

Just Give a Chance

Week 5:

Just Give Generously.

Continuing with the theme of #JustGive, on Thursday 24th July, Inspire FM in partnership with the Islamic Society of Britain will hold a communal iftar in St Georges, Town Centre. It will provide an opportunity for the diverse community of Luton to share their iftar with others and also #JustGive!.

Show you support and share your #JustGive moment with Inspire FM! Simply tell us “What will you #JustGive this Ramadhan?” and post short video or photo on Facebook and Twitter using the Hashtag #JustGive!

Here are a few done by our supporters of the campaign!