Inspire FM launches Winter Campaign in aid of Foodbank

Posted on: 17 February 2013

Inspire FM, a local community radio station, launched a winter campaign to support the Luton Foodbank.

The campaign, ‘Buy a Little Extra’, lasted the final two weeks of December and was aimed at helping individuals who were struggling to provide for themselves and their families.

Working with local businesses, schools and organisations, Inspire FM used its audience and extensive networks to collect food donations and pack food parcels at the radio station.


Throughout the campaign, concerned Luton residents took items of food to the radio station at Dallow Community Centre.

Volunteers worked every evening sorting the food donations by category and making adult food parcels. These were then sealed into boxes, ready for the Foodbank to distribute.

Since launching in April last year Luton Foodbank has distributed more than 2500 food parcels to families and individuals in crisis and with nowhere else to turn. With rising energy prices, a cut in welfare benefits and everyday living expenses increasing, the project has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for food parcels, with demand up by almost 80% last month.

Volunteers at Inspire FM packed over 270 adult food parcels, containing over 5000 items of food, one of the biggest food drives the project has seen to date.


Usamah Sheikh, a volunteer from the Ideal Youth Show spoke about his experience. ‘My team supported the campaign to do our part as residents in Luton. We all have responsibility to show the people of Luton we are aware of their situation and will do our utmost best to help ease their difficult circumstances.’

Inspire FM’s manager Faiz Nabi explained why they decided to back the Foodbank. ‘Every year, we aim to run a winter campaign informing and engaging the audience. This winter, we wanted to get the message of food poverty out to our listeners. We put out a billboard, handed out leaflets and networked with various organisations. We also had a special ‘Surviving Winter’ broadcast highlighting the issue during the week, complemented with a YouTube campaign. Overall, the campaign was a success and has created a relationship which will allow our both organisations to work closer together on future projects.’

Project Co-ordinator Sanum Ghafoor spoke about the campaign. ‘We’re extremely pleased at the outcome and would like to thank all those involved for their efforts. The next few months will be a difficult period for many families and this collection will go a long way.’

The campaign coincided with the Heat Luton campaign, launched to address fuel poverty within the Borough. For more information, click here.