Luton Community breaks fast together

Posted on: 10 July 2015
By Zeenat Sheikh:
The Big Iftar was held in St George’s Square on the 10th of July and saw over a thousand people of all backgrounds coming together for a lovely evening of food and entertainment.
Iftar is the meal with which Muslims open their fast during the month of Ramadan. The Big Iftar was launched two years ago to encourage engagement between Muslim communities all over the country and their friends and neighbours of all faiths.
In Luton this event was arranged by Luton in Harmony along with Inspire FM, Luton Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police. People from all walks of life came together in a wonderful symbol of peace and unity amongst the community.
The evening was introduced by the Mayor of Luton Dave Taylor followed by inspirational talks by Peter Adams from Churches Together and a local Imam from Zakariya Mosque.
There was lots of delicious food on offer as well as entertainment including henna artists, rodeo rides, bouncy castles and live nasheed singing.
The theme of this year’s event was ‘ensuring no-one goes hungry in Luton’ so attendees were encouraged to bring along donations for Luton Foodbank. This allowed everyone to join in with another aspect of Ramadan because as well as fasting, Muslims try to be as generous and charitable as possible during this month.
The Big Iftar was a great example of the true meaning of Islam and of the community spirit in Luton.
See below pictures from the event and also on facebook: