Health and Fitness Campaign REVIEW!

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Our Health and Fitness Campaign 2015 was a huge success. With Brother Fahad Matin and Sister Shagufta, our two resident Health and Fitness experts, taking the lead, we had an array of live interviews, professional advice and tips for a healthier lifestyle on offer. Between the 20th April and 3rd May, Inspire FM aimed to inspire their audience into taking better care of their health, body and mind, promoting an active lifestyle.

Each morning throughout our campaign fortnight, our Rise and Shine show presenter Brother Tariq started each day providing interesting healthy eating and fitness related tips! Some of our favourite facts include finding out the immediate positive effects of quitting smoking which include improved circulation, lung function and an overall sense of smell and taste! We discovered a number of mood boosting foods, for when you’re feeling down, for example spinach, dark chocolate and bananas and enhanced our understanding of the importance of sleep! Brother Tariq shared the importance of fitness in Islam, as he described a hadith in which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ‘Any action without the remembrance of God is either a diversion of heedlessness excepting four acts: Walking from target to target (during archery practice), training a horse, playing with ones’ family and learning to swim.’

Our dedicated live shows broadcasted from 7pm over the course of the fortnight, providing further detail on many of the topics touched upon during our Rise and Shine show! With Brother Fahad Matin talking live to a variety of professionals on topics ranging from Infections, medicine management and keeping a healthy diet throughout our first week, we covered numerous topics on leading a healthy lifestyle. Our second week of the campaign saw discussions regarding Exercise techniques, the importance of exercise in Islam and the benefits of exercising the mind and soul!

The campaign culminated in our annual Family Funday event, which took a Health and Fitness spin this year! On the day we had members of the Live Well sector of the NHS present, providing advice, free health checks, stop smoking advice and a range of free exercise classes enjoyed by the whole family! Overall, the campaign was a huge success and we had a number of listeners state they felt extremely inspired to improve their health and fitness as a result!

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