Muslim History Month - Week Four!

Posted on: 30 March 2015

Islam teaches us that the study of History and learning from its lessons are essential for the success of mankind in this world and the hereafter. For our final week of Muslim History Month we aimed to encapsulate some of the major events that have taken place over the course of Islamic history and discover the lessons behind them. Our historical timeline has covered everything from the Prophet Adam AS, through to the Caliphate period and right up to some of the most recent events to capture the Islamic world.

Between the 23rd and 27th of March, Inspire FM provided a countdown to the modern era, highlighting the major events that have helped shape the Muslim world. The final week, started off with Brother Tariq every morning taking us through an overview of the spread of Islam, from the very first Prophet through the Middle East, West Africa and Europe to the impact of Muslims in Britain in the modern age. He later went on to focus on the chronological timeline of the prophets and their descendants uncovering much of the missing history from these times.

Our dedicated live shows started the week focusing on some of the Islamic reminders we can take from history. The Ideal youth sisters uncovered the miracles of Islam, taking a look at a few of the most inspirational moments throughout Islamic history. The sisters discussed the miracle of the Quran, along with many miracles seen throughout the Prophets time (pbuh) and later shared some of the inspirational stories from the journey of Hajj. Brother Shaban ended the week taking a glance at the Islamic Rule and the ruling system throughout the time of the Prophet (pbuh) up to the recent era, discussing whether Islamic rule is still relevant in the modern age.

The final week of Muslim History Month, like all the others over this month, provided an exceptional insight into the workings of the Islamic world and its notable past. This month has shown us the importance of remembering the positive successes and innovations of Islam’s rich history and has inspired us to learn more about our past. We hope you found this information to be useful and informative and we hope it will inspire you to find out more!

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