Muslim History Month - Week Three!

Posted on: 23 March 2015

The Prophet Muhammed PBUH once said that the best form of worship is the pursuit of knowledge. This encouragement of Muslims to gain knowledge was one of the first major positive contributions Islam had on society. This pursuit of knowledge, embedded within Islam has in turn led to some of the greatest contributions by Muslims, to societies throughout the world.

The third week of our History Month Campaign at Inspire FM focused on unveiling some of the positive contributions Muslims have had all over the world. Between the 16th and 20th of March, Inspire FM delved into the significant positive contributions the Islamic messages regarding charity, relief, community and many more have practically had throughout history.

The week, as always, began with Brother Tariq starting each morning on a positive note with the Rise and Shine show. He looked at the initial impact of Islam in Pre-Islamic Arabia such as the improved rights for women and promotion of peaceful relations within society. Later throughout the week, he took a look at the Islamic concept of Zakat and the importance of charity within Islam, uncovering that Muslims give more to charity than other religious groups in the UK according to research! He covered the history of British Muslims, their advent into Britain and the positive impact they had. The relations between Britain and the Islamic world, such as Queen Elizabeth I asking for naval assistance from Ottoman Sultan Murad against the Spanish Armada and the positive impact Muslims have played within the UK proved to be extremely significant.

Our dedicated live shows started the week with the most important contribution, looking at ‘How the Qur’an changed the world.’ With Brother Usamah, following on to discuss the concept of Zakat in further depth. The Ideal Youth sisters looked at ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression in Islam,’ discussing the basis of freedom and speech and the positive guide Islam sets. Brother Shaban finalised the week by providing a detailed analysis of the contribution of Muslims within Britain!

Don’t forget to tune in to the last week of Muslim History Month starting today! This week will focus on ‘The historical Islamic timeline,’ taking you swiftly through the major historical events of the Muslim World throughout History, from Prophet Adam ASA to the very modern day.

Tune into the Rise and Shine show from 7.30am and later for our focused topics at 6pm Monday to Wednesday, only on Inspire FM!


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