Muslim History Month - Week Two!

Posted on: 13 March 2015

In the 1800s, inventions and scientific advancements flourished across the world. However, many people may be unaware, that long before this, inventors in the Arab region were making huge leaps forward, progressively creating and inventing many objects and concepts that are still used today. These Muslim inventors initialised much of the work that has led to the achievements of many well-known names, such as the Wright Brothers and Tesla!

Last week at Inspire FM, we felt it was time to shine some light on the incredible ways many of these inventors and great thinkers, from the Islamic world have contributed to the progression of global civilisation and modern achievements. For the second week of Islamic History Month, between the 9th and 15th March, Inspire FM took a deeper look at the inventions and advancements which have come from the Muslim world.

Brother Tariq got the ball rolling on the Rise and Shine show, starting off each morning with fascinating topics looking at everyday inventions from the Muslim world, such as coffee, shampoo and even your toothbrush! He went on to uncover the rise and fall of the Islamic golden age, focusing on the numerous advancements from this period, ranging from scientific to philosophical. To finish off the week, he took a look at some of the more recent achievements to come from the Muslim world, such as the invention of the Yahoo email address and advancements in education, politics and sports in the Muslim world.

Our live shows went into further detail on the inventions made by prominent Muslims, with our Monday show covering the impact of Islamic inventions globally. The ideal youth sisters provided an excellent insight into the medical achievements and advancements during Tuesday’s show, with Brother Shaban covering the Islamic golden age in depth during our final focused show of the week!

This week, we are look at the ‘Positive impacts of Islam in society,’ uncovering the positive and beneficial messages that Islam promotes alongside the positive impact Muslims have had throughout the world.

Listen to our broadcast to discover more about Islam’s positive influential impact on society all this week! Tune in from 7.30am with the Rise and Shine show every day this week and later during our dedicated slot between 6-7pm, Monday to Wednesday only on Inspire FM.

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