Muslim History Month - Week One!

Posted on: 09 March 2015

Islam and its captivating history are both abundant and inspiring in its teachings. However, many Muslims remain unaware of Islam’s inspirational past. For this reason, Inspire FM is dedicating a month to explore our forgotten roots in greater depth. Throughout March 2015, from the 2nd to the 29th, Inspire will take you on a journey through the past, looking at a range of topics from Muslim women to scientific advancements of the Muslim world, the Islamic contribution to society and looking at the Islamic timeline.

Our first week kicked off covering Inspirational Muslim Women. Our broadcast, focusing on the achievements of Muslim women proved to be a success coinciding with Women’s international week!

 We covered a range of successful women, of course starting by looking at the Prophets wives and moving onto modern Muslim women such as Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel peace prize and Halet Cambel, the first Muslim woman to compete in the Olympics, discovering the immeasurable impact each of these women have made on society. These women have lived their lives within the limits of Allah and achieved greatness through their actions, making their stories a necessity to be heard and not forgotten.

Our presenters focused on notable events, analysing the changing roles of women in society and modern day role models, with Brother Tariq’s Rise and Shine show starting of the topics every morning, followed by numerous shows discussing female Muslim history including our dedicated, live evening shows from 6-7pm Monday to Thursday.

The week’s shows were covered by The Ideal Youth Brothers on Monday evening, who gave us an insight into Muslim Women’s contribution to society. This was followed by the Ideal Youth Sisters on Tuesday evening covering the teachings of the wives of the prophet, emphasising how we should reconsider our role models and celebrity driven culture within society. Finally on Wednesdays live show, Brother Shaban spoke about the contribution of the prophet’s wives, asking whether we are doing enough in the modern world, with Brother Faisal providing a summary of our topics, in Urdu on Thursdays live show!

This week, we are moving on to our next topic in Islamic history, looking at ‘Inventions and advancements of the Muslim World.’

Tune in to our broadcast, starting from 7.30am every day this week, with Brother Tariq on the Rise and Shine show and later during our dedicated slot from 6-7pm every weekday evening to discover more about Islam’s rich past as we discuss the Muslim masterminds behind some of the world’s greatest inventions, all this week, only on Inspire FM. 


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