Luton Foodbank Food Drive

Posted on: 26 September 2014
Luton Foodbank is the result of more than 50 local organisations and many more volunteers who were committed to ensuring no-one goes hungry in our town. Following the government’s announcement to reduce welfare benefits and crisis loans by £28 billion pounds in 2013, Fodbank were concerned about the impact these cuts would have on low-income working families and households so have set up a service to help others in need.
On 2nd April 2013, Luton Foodbank offically launched and began providing emergency food supplies for people in crisis in the Borough.
Some of the best types of food for the Foodbank are listed below (not in priority order). We aim to store long-life items so please check that the expiry date for all of your donated food is for more than two months.
  • Milk (UHT/Powdered)
  • Fruit Juice (Carton)
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit (Tinned)
  • Meat (Tinned)
  • Breakfast Cereal (500g)
  • Jam
  • Fish (Tinned)
  • Dried Rice (500g)
  • Sugar (500g)
  • Vegetables (Tinned)
  • Rice Pudding/Custard (Tinned)
  • Soup
  • Baked Beans (Tinned)
  • Tomatoes (Tinned)
  • Dried Pasta (500g)
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Tea Bags / Instant Coffee

If you would like to donate some food to the Luton Foodbank, simply take items along to any Luton Community Centre