About Us

What we are about and how you can make a difference.

InspireFM is the new name of the community based voluntary radio service, which started over a decade ago as Radio Ramadhan Luton. It is a full-time, 24-7 service to replace the Ramadhan only broadcast.

InspireFM radio service is regulated by OFCOM and is owned by a registered non profit organisation. The organisation is governed by its board of directors in accordance with it's articles of association.

Join Friends of Inspire FM

Friends of InspireFM is your gateway to be part of this service. Complete the membership form and you will have an opportunity to :

  • Experience the studio environment.
  • Get hands on experience of broadcasting.
  • Receive regular information bulletins.
  • Get an early taste of new nasheed releases.

Most of all you will be helping sustain a valuable community service by making it financially secure and independent.

If you thought Radio Ramadhan Luton was good.

you'll find Inspire FM even better. With programmes to suit all the family, from discussions to chats, Islamic talks to naats and nasheeds. Inspire FM will be there, insha Allah, not only to share Ramadhan with you, but to also cover the Hajj, Muharram, other important Islamic dates and world-wide events as they happen. We're here to involve everyone, so please register your interest and contribute to what is really your radio station.

Things we have done so far:

  • Introduced Radio Ramadhan to Luton and have run it since 1997. The first voluntary initiative of its kind for Muslims of Luton – for the community by the community.
  • Raised thousands of pounds for charity. We were the second biggest donors to the L&D Mary Biswell Appeal to buy hospital equipment. We raised funds to build a hospital in Pakistan.
  • We helped galvanise the community into action after the earthquake in northern Pakistan and Kashmir. Hundreds of thousands of pounds were raised by Luton's community and RRL was among the first to bring news live from the epicentre.
  • We campaigned for a unified Eid and we hope this will soon be an ongoing, common reality. We'd like to think our inclusive approach has brought the communities together.
  • Most of all we'd like to think we added to your special experience of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.